• Ripple is reportedly in talks with Coinbase, but the speculation that it’s about XRP relisting is doubtful.
• According to Bill Morgan, Ripple might be assisting Coinbase in their legal battle with the SEC.
• John E Deaton believes Ripple won’t list XRP until there’s more regulatory clarity in the US.

Ripple and Coinbase Meeting

Ripple recently held a secret meeting with Coinbase amidst rampant speculation that it could be related to XRP relisting on the exchange. However, prominent lawyers and digital asset enthusiasts believe this might not be true as Ripple has decided not to use XRP in their own liquidity hub service recently. Bill Morgan suggests that Ripple could be helping Coinbase in their petition for a writ of mandamus or defending against the SEC’s enforcement action.

XRP Relisting Doubtful

Pro-XRP lawyer John E Deaton has poured cold water on the XRP relisting theory by pointing out that Ripple isn’t using XRP for its own liquidity hub platform until there is more regulatory clarity which is crucial for deciding whether or not to list XRP on exchanges like Coinbase.

SEC Enforcement Action

The outcome of the ongoing legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC will be instrumental in determining how exchanges can offer access to digital assets such as XRP going forward. It remains to be seen if Judge Torres recognizes the huge public interest and acts accordingly in her decision making process.

Ripple Not Pushing For Listing?

It appears that Ripple isn’t pushing for an immediate listing of XRP on Coinbase, although they may have discussed potential assistance for their legal battle with the SEC during their meeting. Until we get more clarity from either party involved, it looks like any talk of an imminent listing is pure speculation at this point.


The outcome of this legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC will decide how crypto regulations evolve going forward, thus having a major impact on all digital assets including XRP. Until then, any speculation about an imminent listing of XRP remains just that – speculation!

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