• XRP has resumed with a fine upswing, printing the third consecutive bullish candle to clear the major resistance at $0.47.
• A rise above these levels may eventually begin with a fine upswing, slashing all the interim resistance to mark the yearly highs above $0.7.
• As the speculation around Ripple vs SEC case is emerging every new day, XRP price is becoming stronger and bulls have lifted it close to one of the major resistance that may pave way for a breakout toward initial threshold at $0.5.

XRP Bulls Gearing Up

The XRP price has resumed with a fine upswing, printing its third consecutive bullish candle to clear the major resistance at $0.47. This indicates that if bulls are able to keep up this momentum, there could be an opportunity for them to push prices higher and break through other interim resistances on their way towards possibly marking new yearly highs above $0.7 in the coming days or weeks.

Speculation Around Ripple Vs SEC Case

As speculation around Ripple’s ongoing legal battle against the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to grow, so too does investor confidence in XRP as evidenced by its recent price performance. Currently, bulls have managed to lift prices close enough to one of its major resistance levels which could potentially set off a wave of buying pressure that would lead toward an initial threshold of $0.5 being breached soon afterwards.

XRP Price Against Bitcoin

The pair between XRP and Bitcoin has also been showing some strength as it soared high enough recently in order to test upper resistances again following earlier failed attempts at breaking through them previously due mainly to weak buying activity from bulls during that time frame. However, now they seem more motivated than ever before as they attempt once more to breach this crucial trend line which if successful would subsequently trigger a notable surge beyond 0.00002 BTC initially but eventually leading into gains of 40-50% according to popular cryptocurrency analyst Captian Faibik’s predictions on Twitter recently about this matter specifically:

“XRP bulls need to clear Major Trendline Resistance to Confirm Breakout…In case of Successful Breakout We Anticipate Epic +40-50% Bullish Rally.“

Road To 22?

Dark Defender another well known analyst within the cryptospace believes that should XRP successfully break through both current thresholds of $0.5 & then ultimately 1:33 levels it would then become capable enough for initiating a powerful long term bull run culminating in prices hitting as high as $22 sometime later down the road based on historical patterns observed thus far when it comes down analyzing potential scenarios related directly or indirectly towards this digital asset moving forward:

„Hi all hope everything is well with you #XRPhad expected move towards Resistance Minor @$ 050 were still in Battlefield Based on historical pattern XRPCoiling herself first penetrate Clouds breaking 050133 & then Road To 22 #Ripple“


Overall sentiment surrounding XRP currently appears overwhelmingly positive with many analysts predicting massive future gains if certain key resistance levels are managed successfully by buyers soon enough going forward as anticipation builds despite ongoing legal battles between Ripple & US SEC regulators continuing throughout 2021 potentially affecting overall market sentiment regardless what happens over course next few months or even years possible depending how particular situation resolves itself eventually only time will tell!

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